Making a plan

So, are you thinking about updating and/or changing your course? Maybe you want to flip some lessons or add some non-lecture activities.

The most important thing you can do to make this a more enjoyable process is to start out organized, stay organized, and keep ridiculously good records. It may sound obvious, but the importance of staying organized cannot be stressed enough.

If you feel over prepared and a little paranoid, you are probably doing this correctly. If not, well…. don't say you weren't warned!

There are many different ways to set about organizing your course, but I recommend thinking about the following major categories of "data" (follow the links for more information):
  • YOUR GOALS (goals for you and outcomes/objectives for your students)
  • COURSE CONTENT (includes both online and hard copy/textbook content and the files you create for organization, in-class presentation, and at-home consumption by students)
  • LESSON PLANS (making the most out of classroom hours)
  • ASSESSMENT INFORMATION (the assessments you use, whether they are successful or not, and hints for next time)

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