In some instances, creating your own videos for students to see can be an excellent idea; however, there are literally thousands and thousands of videos available online. Why not take advantage of the hard work and generosity of others?

A few cautions, though:
  • ALWAYS thoroughly preview videos that you plan to have students view. While many available videos are excellent, full of great information, and without factual errors, this is not always the case.
  • Watch the videos carefully all the way to the end. Sometimes everything is great right up the last few seconds, and then things take a bad turn. Sometimes the suggested videos (especially in YouTube) contain extremely inappropriate content, so use caution.
  • Many videos can be hyperlinked in an email or embedded into Blackboard. There are many fairly simple ways of distributing videos, but students will need access to reliable internet to view the videos.

Videos for many different curricula

For science videos, it can be really hard to beat TED talks. Not only do these often contain excellent information, they are typically presented in a fun and exciting way.

Try Khan Academy for lots of different ideas (particularly suitable for problem-solving examples).

General biology videos and animations

links available soon

A & P videos and animations

links available soon

Chemistry videos and animations

links available soon

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