There are some limitations to screencasting on the iPad, but creative folks have come up with apps that work around these limits. Although there is no app that directly allows you to record the screen of your iPad to a video file, many apps will record both audio and video within the app. Because you can often load images, presentations, and documents onto the whiteboard within these apps, you can capture everything you need fairly easily. If you want a full screen capture of your iPad, you will have to mirror it to another device (such as your computer).

screencasting apps

TouchCast is new and seems perfectly suited to lecture capture tasks. This iPad only option will be available for computers very soon. Watch the video below to see how it works.

TouchCast is a little different than other apps because video, audio, whiteboard, and other inputs can all be captured simultaneously.

Explain Everything

This is the first screencasting app I explored on the iPad, and I find it very simple to use. The $2.99 price tag makes this a great deal! If you are familiar with basic iPad functions, I think you'll feel the same way.
There is now an Android version of the app (same price - available HERE)
If you use a Mac, your Explain Everything files can easily be viewed on your computer with this free app (available in the App Store)

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